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Videos of VirtualLife validation: Virtual Campus scenario

The video presents training and familiarization with a VirtualLife platform during the validation session. Participatns explore key actions and basic operations, learn how to navigate in the virtual world and how to control the three-dimensional objects.

The video demonstrates the validation of the virtual campus scenario by the teachers. Sample lessons are demonstrated for teachers: three-dimensional visualization of conic sections, platonic solids, Teachers discuss implementation of three-dimensional solids figures with technical experts. Teachers preparate a geometry lesson that explains platonic solids.

In the third phase of validation session teachers delivered leessons. The first is physic lesson on polarized lights. In the next lesson students explored conic sections.

Video on scripting improvements
Video on scripting improvement driven by validation scenarios is now available in the gallery
VirtualLife validation videos
VirtualLife validation sessions showed successfull user experiences. You can see tham in our gallery
Final review: good news
The final assessment of the VirtualLife project: good.

VirtualLife virtual world platform demos