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Nergal S.r.l.

Italy, SME

Nergal is a SME High Tech computing company, built up in 1997 by a group of researchers coming from the scientific and academic world to answer the new challenges arising in the field of technology. Nergal is qualified as “research laboratory” from the Italian Research Ministry.

Deep Blue consulting & research

Rome, Italy

Deep Blue is a human factors and safety consultancy providing solutions throughout industry and the public sector in the field of transportation.

Cybernetica AS

Estonia, SME

Cybernetica AS (Cybernetica) is a privately owned Research and Development company established in 1997 during reorganisation of the Institute of Cybernetics (IOC) of the Estonian Academy of Sciences.

Digital Video S.p.A.

Italy, SME

Digital Video is a private SME company that was formed in 1981 in Rome (Italy) and is focused on its present mission from 1993. Its main focus is to develop multi-platform graphics applications for the professional market and its primary activity is the development of Toonz®, a world leader application in the cartoon animation industry.


Romania, SME

Geumacs S.r.l. is a Romanian management consulting company, created in 1994, particularly active in support to SMEs in the field of marketing and internationalization.

Vilnius University

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics
Lithuania, University

Vilnius University is No.1 university in Lithuania. It is located in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Vilnius University has 12 faculties, 8 institutes, 10 study and research centres, and other units. Personnel – 2900, students – 21000. The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Vilnius University is No.1 in Lithuania for studies of mathematics and among top 2 for studies of informatics.

Panebarco S.a.s.

Italy, SME

Panebarco & C. was founded in 1995 with the aim of developing multimedia contents.


France, SME

TAVAE is an IT service company, built up in 2004 by 2 programmers coming from the video game industry.

Universität Göttingen

Germany, University

The Department of Civil Law, Commercial and Economic Law, Comparative Law, Multimedia- and Telecommunication Law of the University of Göttingen is concentrated in research on the following main topics: German and European Corporate and Securities Law, Electronic Commerce with focus on economical questions (Contract and Liability Law, Telecommunication Regulation - Public Utilities), Intellectual Property Law, International Private Law (conflict of laws), especially Contract Law and Tort Law, Corporate Law and Securities Law.

Virtual Italian Parks

Italy, SME

Virtual Italian Parks (VIP) is the ideal partner for real world companies willing to enter virtual worlds with a groundbreaking and professional presence.

Video on scripting improvements
Video on scripting improvement driven by validation scenarios is now available in the gallery
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VirtualLife validation sessions showed successfull user experiences. You can see tham in our gallery
Final review: good news
The final assessment of the VirtualLife project: good.

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