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VirtualLife International Launch Event
With 36 people involved (23 external participants coming from different business sectors and 13 people from the VirtualLife Consortium partners), VirtualLife Launch Event was a real success.

VirtualLife scripting language
The initial documentation of VirtualLife scripting language is prepared for 3D content creators. It will be constantly updated.

International Launch Event of VirtualLife
The VirtualLife Consortium is pleased to invite you to the International Launch Event of VirtualLife that will be held in Rome, July 8th; see agenda, registration form, a short overview of VirtualLife.

First VirtualLife workshop
On Tuesday, July, 20th, 2010 the First VirtualLife Workshop took place in Rome – Italy. The workshop was attended both by the VirtualLife Consortium and 10 external stakeholders.

First VirtualLife workshop (invitation)
The VirtualLife Consortium is glad to invite you to the First VirtualLife workshop on the 20th of July, 2010 at 9,30 am at Nergal Srl

Focusing on distance education
Several factors suggest the choice of education as a priority scenario for a platform such as VirtualLife:

Focus on users: a questionnaire on user needs
Please take this questionnaire (allow 15-20 min.) and help us to better define the specifics of the VirtualLife platform applied to e-learning. Thank You!

Focus on some features - July 2009

At present VirtualLife Consortium is implementing the following features: Supreme Constitution, registration, Virtual Nation Constitution and login, identity card, in-world interaction.


Comparing VirtualLife with Second Life

In recent years virtual worlds and platforms have been blossoming. Technically speaking, a virtual world is a 3D graphic representation of scenarios (houses, palaces, streets, landscapes, fantasy sites...), more or less realistic, that can be displayed by means of a computer connected to the internet. User can access these simulated environment by means of a digital alter ego, which is commonly referred to with the word avatar.


Democratic and decentralized administration

VirtualLife platform will be made of Virtual Zones. The project includes two kinds of Virtual Zones:

  • stand-alone zones,
  • zones belonging to a Virtual Nation.

Stand-alone zones are under exclusive control of their owner: he/she is the only one deciding the rules, constraints and laws (even none) that avatars visiting the zone must observe, while zones belonging to a Virtual Nation, when joining it, should accept the constitution and the law in force in that specific Nation.


What is VirtualLife?

This post is aimed at giving information about the project VirtualLife, the work in progress, and the possible use cases of its results. We especially address the potential future user of VirtualLife platform and in general anyone simply interested in it. We will be glad to answer any question or satisfy any curiosity that VirtualLife might arise. To communicate with us, you can e-mail us


Video on scripting improvements
Video on scripting improvement driven by validation scenarios is now available in the gallery
VirtualLife validation videos
VirtualLife validation sessions showed successfull user experiences. You can see tham in our gallery
Final review: good news
The final assessment of the VirtualLife project: good.

VirtualLife virtual world platform demos