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Dedicated TrustVWs 2009 workshop
We organized TrustVWs 2009 "Virtual Worlds: Trust, Security, Rule of Law" workshop within the 1st International ICST Conference on User Centric Media - UCMedia 2009, Venice, Italy, 9 December 2009. Four talks have been presented:

Total - 30 publications:
  • 7 - articles with DOI (LNCS, etc.),
  • 3 - in peer reviewed journals,
  • 7 - in books, journal and conference proceedings,
  • 2 - technical reports,
  • 9 - bachelor and master theses,
  • 1 - blog


Future and Past Events.

Public deliverables

D1.1.1 - Project Progress Report (Jan-Jun '08 ) (doc, pdf)

D1.1.2 - Project Progress Report (Jul-Dec'08) (pdf)

D1.1.3 - Project Progress Report (Jan-Jun'09) (pdf)

D1.1.4 - Project Progress Report (Jul-Dec'09) (pdf)

D1.1.5 - Project Progess Report (Jan-Jun '10) (pdf)

D1.1.6 - Project Progess Report (Jul-Dec '10) (pdf)

D1.1.7 - Project Progess Report (Jan-Jul '11) (pdf)

D2.1: End User Definition and Needs:

References of D7.1 Preliminary Report of the Legal Fundamentals Concerning Virtual Worlds (pdf, doc)

D7.4 Research on Specific Legal Challenges of Virtual Worlds (pdf)

D10.1 Validation Plan (pdf)

D10.2 Validation Report (pdf)

D11.2 Dissemination Report (pdf)

Video on scripting improvements
Video on scripting improvement driven by validation scenarios is now available in the gallery
VirtualLife validation videos
VirtualLife validation sessions showed successfull user experiences. You can see tham in our gallery
Final review: good news
The final assessment of the VirtualLife project: good.

VirtualLife virtual world platform demos